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Apr, 2020


Parkland Recreational Policy regarding Heading of the ball:


A.      In divisions U5 through U11/G11 intentional heading of the ball is not allowed.


If a player intentionally heads the ball the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick but if that header is to stop a ball that is obviously going into the goal then a penalty kick shall be awarded.


1st infraction: The player shall be given a verbal warning.

2nd infraction: The player shall be shown a yellow card.

3rd infraction: The player shall be shown a second yellow, then a red card.


B.      In divisions U13/G13 through U18/G18 heading of the ball is allowed.



* In any division, but especially the younger divisions if any player is hit on the head by the ball the referee should stop play to check on the player and have the coach come on to the field and remove the player if necessary.

In this circumstance play will restart with a dropped ball at the site of the incident unless the incident also involved a foul. If the incident involved a foul then the restart would be appropriate to that foul.

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